S3 EP17: Intro To Marketing (with Jack Wylder)

This  week, hosts/authors Steve Diamond and Larry Correia go over a few of the basics of Marketing with that Jack Wylder guy and discuss the need  for personal branding, the importance of an author’s website, and more. 

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This  week’s episode is sponsored by *The Lone Star, the Tricolor, and the  Swastika: Republic of Texas Navy Book 2* (by D.A.Brock)

Autumn, 1939…

The war that the Western nations have long dreaded has erupted in Europe. After the conquest of western Poland by Germany, the war on land settles into the so-called ‘Phony War’.

But the war at sea is anything but phony. Especially when the French Government accuses the Republic of Texas of providing aid to Germany. The tension escalates, and Hitler fans the flames for his own nefarious purposes.

After a devastating sneak attack, Commodore Karl von Stahlberg is thrust into command of the Texas battle fleet. Can he defend Texas against the enemy’s onslaught, or will Texas be defeated?

– available on  Amazon: https://amzn.to/3Dvizou (affiliate link)

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