The WriterDojo is different than most other writing advice podcasts out there- our primary purpose is to cut through all the bad advice and help you tell stories that people want to read (& get you paid in the process.) This is advice on becoming a Professional Writer from two very knowledgeable Professional Writers. Readers will find plenty of interesting tidbits as well and may come away with new insights into what goes into creating the stories they love and a new appreciation for writing of all sorts.

Your Hosts:

Steve Diamond

Steve Diamond is a Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction author for Baen, Wordfire Press, Gallant Knight Games, and numerous other small publications. He was the founder of Elitist Book Reviews, has been a professional editor, a publisher, an accountant, a bookseller, an art director, and pretty much any other job you can find in the realm of publishing. He’s been nominated for meaningless awards (yes, that one) as both a reviewer and an author.
Steve lives in Utah, has a family, smokes a lot (BBQ, not the other thing), listens to all sorts of music (except country), loves sports (without wokeness), hates sharks, loves video games, and thinks Horror is like bacon – it makes everything better. 

Larry Correia

Larry Correia is the New York Times bestselling author of twenty-five novels. He’s best known for his Monster Hunter International urban fantasy series, the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior epic fantasy series, the Grimnoir Chronicles alternate history trilogy, the Dead Six military thrillers, and the sci-fi Gun Runner. He’s also written over sixty pieces of shorter fiction, many of which are included in his Target Rich Environment collections, and he has edited three anthologies. He has won numerous writing awards, including three Dragon Awards, and two Audies, as well as being nominated for other awards like the Campbell, Hugo, David Gemmell fantasy award, and the Julia Verlanger. Larry’s novels are published in seven languages, and two of his properties have been optioned for television. He lives in Yard Moose Mountain, Utah with his wife, children, and a fearsome Krasnovian Waffle Hound.

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